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Shenyang Medical College is a full-time general higher education school approved by the Ministry of Education. The predecessor was the Shenyang Municipal Senior Nursing School founded in 1949. In August 1958, the school was upgraded and renamed Shenyang Medical College. It was upgraded to an undergraduate school in 1987 and officially changed its name to Shenyang Medical College. In 2001, it moved to the current campus.
In the 72 years since its establishment, the school has implemented characteristic development, dislocation development, transformational development, and connotation development strategies. It has now developed into a municipal ordinary college of higher learning with multiple disciplines, multiple levels and multiple forms of education, focusing on medicine. In 2007, he was awarded "Excellent" in the undergraduate teaching level evaluation of the Ministry of Education; in 2009, he became a master's degree authorization project construction unit; in 2013, he was awarded the right to grant a master's degree and was the first to pass clinical medicine certification; in 2016, he was approved as a transformation by the Liaoning Provincial Department of Education Develop pilot schools; in 2017, it became a model university for the transformation of undergraduate colleges and universities in Liaoning Province to application-oriented; in 2018, it passed the undergraduate teaching work review and evaluation of the Ministry of Education and the nursing professional certification; in 2019, it passed the medical undergraduate professional evaluation of Liaoning Province.
The school covers an area of ​​488,800 square meters, with a building area of ​​256,600 square meters. The total value of fixed assets is 1.459 billion yuan, and the total value of instruments and equipment is 207 million yuan. The library has 1.07 million paper books, 2,232 Chinese and foreign paper periodicals, 730,000 e-books, and 30 Chinese and foreign databases. There are 18 management institutions, 15 teaching institutions, 9 teaching auxiliary institutions, 4 directly affiliated units, 18 non-directly affiliated hospitals, and more than 150 practice teaching bases.
The school has two first-level master's degree authorization points in basic medicine, public health and preventive medicine and a master's degree authorization point in clinical medicine, covering 21 second-level disciplines and fields. In 2020, approved by the Department of Education of Liaoning Province, the school and Dalian Medical University will jointly cultivate doctoral students in clinical medicine. At the undergraduate level, there are 20 majors in 4 disciplines: medicine, science, management, and engineering. There are 1 national characteristic major, 6 first-class undergraduate education demonstration majors in Liaoning Province, 1 application-oriented transformation demonstration major in Liaoning Province, 3 characteristic majors in Liaoning Province, and 6 key construction majors in Shenyang. There are 3 experimental teaching demonstration centers in Liaoning Province and 1 virtual simulation experimental teaching demonstration center in Liaoning Province. There are 4 outstanding teaching teams in Liaoning Province, 21 first-class demonstration courses in Liaoning Province, and 10 provincial off-campus practical teaching bases.
The school insists on revitalizing the school with talents . There are 4404 faculty and medical staff, including 397 senior titles, 872 associate senior titles, and 252 doctoral and master tutors. Teachers with a master's degree or above accounted for 92.08% of the total number of teachers, and the number of teachers with doctoral degrees accounted for 50.44% of the total number of teachers. Among them, the number of medical teachers with doctoral degrees accounted for 65.41% of the total number of medical teachers. 1 "Yangtze River Scholar" special professor, 1 Chinese Academy of Sciences "Hundred Talents Program" foreign talents, 2 special government allowances from the State Council, 5 special allowances from the Shenyang Municipal Government, 1 university climbing scholar in Liaoning Province, 5 special professors in Liaoning Province There are 12 outstanding teachers and teaching teachers in Liaoning Province, 3 provincial and municipal outstanding experts, and 20 city teaching teachers and outstanding teachers. In the 8th Liaoning Provincial Counselor Professional Ability Competition, it has won the first prize 4 times, the second prize 3 times, the third prize 1 time, and the excellent organization award 8 times, ranking among the top universities in the province for consecutive years.
The school insists on establishing a quality school. There are 19,867 students (including 7622 undergraduates, 2341 college students, 522 postgraduates, 708 international students, 1221 students from the affiliated health school, and 7453 continuing education students). The school recruits students from 27 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities across the country, and the quality of the source of students is improving year by year. In 2020, the school’s investment score in Liaoning is 124 points higher than the Liaoning undergraduate control line, 19 provinces’ investment scores exceed the undergraduate control line by more than 50 points, and 14 provinces’ investment scores exceed the undergraduate control line by more than 70 points, especially Liaoning, Hebei, and Hebei. The six provinces of Henan, Heilongjiang, Jilin, and Shaanxi exceeded the undergraduate control line by more than 100 points. The quality of stomatology, clinical medicine, medical laboratory technology and other superior professional students ranks in the forefront of Liaoning science and engineering students. In 2020, the total passing rate of dental practitioners exceeded the national average by 3.91 percentage points. In the 9th National Medical College Students' Clinical Skills Competition, the school participated eight times and won the first prize in the Northeast Division and the third prize in the National Finals once; the second prize in the Northeast Division 6 times and the third prize once. Won the second prize of the National Undergraduate Basic Medical Innovation Research and Experimental Design Forum Contest, the second prize of the China University Computer Design Contest, the first prize of the second national nursing undergraduate clinical skills competition, and the second group of the first oral medicine practice skills competition of Liaoning Province First prize, the first prize of the 2019 Liaoning Vocational College Nursing Skills Competition. In the 6th Liaoning Province College Student Nursing Skills Competition, the team and the individual have won the championship. Implementing all-staff professional volunteer service, advocating that love and responsibility are the soul of medical practitioners, and Shantou University and China Youth College for Political Sciences took the lead in launching the "Chinese University Professional Volunteer Service Action" in the country. Won the "2016 National University and Technical College Student Volunteer Summer "Three Going to the Country" Social Practice Activity Excellent Team" award, and the Li Ka Shing Foundation Medical Poverty Alleviation Action "Doctor's Benevolence" award.
The school insists on strengthening the school with science and technology. There is a special academician workstation specially invited by the municipal government, which is the National Demonstration Academician Expert Workstation, the Liaoning Provincial Demonstration Academician Expert Workstation, and the Shenyang Advanced Academician Expert Workstation. The Hand Surgery Department of the Affiliated Central Hospital is a post-doctoral research workstation. The Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine Ferid Murad's workstation is built. There are 5 key laboratories of Liaoning Province, 9 key laboratories of Shenyang City, 1 Shenyang City Engineering Center, 2 Municipal Clinical Medicine Research Centers, and the Human Science Exhibition Hall as the provincial and municipal science popularization base. During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, the school was approved for 338 scientific research projects at the municipal level and above, with a total vertical research funding of 40.956 million yuan, including 22 projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 1 sub-project of the National Key R&D Program, and provincial and ministerial research projects 228 projects, 87 municipal-level scientific research projects; 31 horizontal cooperation projects with enterprises and institutions, with a funding of 4.139 million yuan. He has won 89 scientific and technological achievement awards at the provincial and municipal levels, including 12 provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological awards; 66 international and national authorized patents; published 185 papers collected by three major international search institutions such as SCI; published 40 books.
The school insists on opening up schools. In 2004, approved by the Department of Education of Liaoning Province and reported to the Ministry of Education for the record, the school became a training base for foreign students in China and was one of the first universities in Liaoning Province to recruit foreign students at their own expense. In 2013, the school passed the medical education quality certification of the Ministry of Education. It is the 15th medical school in the country that has successfully passed the certification. Its teaching quality has been internationally recognized and has been included in the World Medical Education Directory. There have been 2,220 international students from 64 countries studying in the school, and the scale of training ranks among the top universities in the province. The passing rate of the tenth graduate practicing physician examination reached 73%. In the "Ranking of the Proportion of International Students in Chinese Universities", it ranked among the top six in the country for three consecutive years.
The school cooperates with well-known universities at home and abroad such as Indiana Wesleyan University, the University of Arizona, Nagoya City University in Japan, Vicente Doctoral School in Germany, Komazawa University in Japan, Capital Medical University, China Medical University, and Korean Kang's Cell Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Pharmaceutical companies such as Korea Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Tohoku Pharmaceutical have established friendly cooperative relations. Carry out nurse order training with relevant institutions in Japan and Germany, and carry out student exchanges and exchanges with universities in the United States, Japan, and South Korea. Adhere to "invite in" and "go out", invite academicians Fan Daiming, Academician Xu Jianguo and other experts and scholars to the school for exchanges, and select outstanding teachers to study abroad, give lectures or conduct academic research, and create a good academic atmosphere.
The school's social reputation and influence continue to increase. In the long-term school-running practice, the successive generations of Shen doctors have adhered to the school motto of "learning, clean, and virtuous", unswervingly struggling, and forming a new era of "work hard, unite and work hard, pursue excellence, and be first-class" The medical spirit and the school-running philosophy of "beautiful, harmonious, vigorous and modern" have accumulated their own school-running characteristics. The school was rated as "Model Unit of Hygiene in Liaoning Province", "Most Humanistic Campus in Liaoning", "Civilized Campus in Shenyang", "Excellent Unit for Safe Campus Construction in Shenyang Colleges and Universities" and many other honorary titles.
The directly affiliated central hospital and the second affiliated hospital (Liaoning General Hospital for Veterans, Shenyang Cardiovascular Hospital) are tertiary first-class hospitals, national standardized training bases for residents, and Liaoning general practice clinical training bases. The Affiliated Central Hospital is a medical and health service center in the western region of Shenyang City. Its comprehensive strength ranks first among municipal hospitals. It has 1,500 beds. It is a national medical qualification examination practice skill test and examiner training base, a national drug clinical trial institution, and a national chest pain center. , Advanced Stroke Center, Shenyang Trauma, Chest Pain, Stroke, Critical Maternal Treatment Center, Shenyang Medical, Nursing, Ultrasound, Laboratory Quality Control Center, Shenyang Primary Health Personnel Training Center, Shenyang COPD Management and Prevention Clinical Research center. With the characteristics of trauma surgery, relying on the post-doctoral research station, highlighting the advantages of hand surgery, the world's first "replantation of forearm defect using autologous calf repair" was successfully completed. The second affiliated hospital has 1,400 beds. It is a national chest pain center, a national heart failure center, a national hypertension standard center, a Chinese psychosomatic medicine integrated diagnosis and treatment center, a national acute myocardial infarction treatment project, Liaoning direct PCI hospital, and a hypertension specialist. Shenyang branch of medical consortium, designated hospital on national stroke emergency map. With cardiovascular, peripheral vascular and psychology as its characteristics, with interventional medicine as its technical advantage, the cardiology department has an annual average of more than 4,000 interventional treatment operations.
During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Shenyang Medical College will always hold high the great banner of Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, earnestly implement General Secretary Jinping’s important expositions on education, fully implement the party’s educational policy, adhere to the direction of socialist education, and implement legislation. The fundamental task of Deshu people is to fulfill the responsibility and mission of serving regional economic and social development. It is closely linked to the main line of connotative development centered on quality improvement and the main line of misplaced development driven by reform and innovation, and coordinated development of scale, structure, quality and efficiency. Accelerate the reform practice of characteristic development and classification evaluation, and comprehensively improve the ability of talent training, scientific research and service to society. Actively integrate into national strategies such as "Healthy China 2030" and the construction of Shenyang National Central City, actively serve the needs of Liaoning’s economic and social development, accelerate the high-quality development of school undertakings, and create a high-level, distinctive medical university that serves the local economic and social development. Struggle tirelessly.

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